About Horlings

Your organisation of accountants, auditors and tax advisors, alert and pragmatic

An alert organisation of accountants, auditors and tax advisors offers far more than just in-house business knowledge. We keep abreast of the latest developments and challenge each other constantly to find even better solutions for our customers. We maintain personal contact with relevant authorities and interesting parties. We opt for pragmatic solutions that will enable you to do business successfully.

About Horlings

More than just figures

At our Amsterdam office, over 80 professionals work efficiently and in a results-oriented manner on behalf of our customers’ organisations. We offer pragmatic solutions and provide the correct level of business support - which of course goes further than just figures. Your figures are a starting point for us; we make the link between the achieved results and the opportunities for the future.

A suitable response at all times

With several disciplines in accountancy and tax advice, at Horlings you will always find the best advice and support. Our advisors are specialists in accountancy, administration, audits or tax advice. Each of them also has direct access to other areas of expertise. They are alert to developments in their specialist field, in your sector and in your organisation  Which is why we are able to guarantee you an appropriate response at all times.

About Horlings

Committed, alert, active and pragmatic

At Horlings, we like to work with entrepreneurs and partners who share our core values; they are aware of developments, show entrepreneurial skills by actively responding to opportunities based on personal vision, maintain personal contacts and are pragmatic in the application of legislation and regulations. We therefore apply our knowledge and resourcefulness to seek out opportunities for current developments, without losing sight of imposed legislation and regulations. What’s more, we don’t just contribute to your decision-making process, we also feel committed to your organisation and therefore put all our passion and ambition into achieving your goals. Which is why we are also updating ourselves constantly. So that we can offer you and your organisation products and services that will enable you to progress further.

Doing business with Horlings

Collaborating with Horlings is doing business with Horlings. So we can achieve your ambitions together and are ready for the future in every aspect of your company. If you choose us, we will be there for you with our up-to-date knowledge, years of experience, our network and personal approach.


About Horlings

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De Jong & Laan en Horlings bundelen krachten

Vroomshoop/Amsterdam, 4 september 2023 – Ook Horlings sluit zich na Marshoek en 5BAR Assurance aan bij accountants- en adviesorganisatie de Jong & Laan. Het Amsterdamse kantoor Horlings levert audit, accountancy en fiscale dienstverlening aan vaak internationaal opererende middelgrote en grote ondernemingen, maar ook aan diverse non-profit organisaties (waaronder onderwijsinstellingen). Met deze nieuwe aansluiting versterkt de Jong & Laan haar controle- en (internationale) fiscale tak. Daarnaast is het een grote stap in de richting van landelijke dekking.