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Financial audit

A financial audit gives you, your stakeholders and society confidence in what you’re doing. If you engage us to perform the financial audit, you can trust that it will help you to understand your figures, thereby allowing you to identify opportunities.

Certainty and insight

With a financial audit performed by Horlings, you aren’t just fulfilling your legal obligation, you are also gaining certainty about and insight into your own organisation. In addition to this essential information, we also work with you to map out all the risks so that you are aware of focus areas and improvement points.

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Recommendations and improvement points for your organisation

The fact that our approach matches the requirements placed by the government and other supervisory bodies on your financial reporting perfectly, goes without saying. But we will also consider the figures with you in further detail. We will discuss your requirements and situation and determine how the information from your figures can help with this. You thereby have a very usable tool containing recommendations and points for improvement specifically for your organisation: a management tool that will benefit you, the entrepreneur. We will be happy to assist you with this.

Statutory audit of annual accounts

An audit of your annual accounts by an independent auditor with an AFM licence is compulsory if you meet at least two of the following requirements for a period of two years:

  • you employ over 50 people,
  • you achieve over €12 million in sales and/or
  • you have a balance total in excess of €6 million.

We also perform the voluntary financial audits for many companies that do not have a legal obligation.

Want more from the financial audit?

If you want to get more from the financial audit of your annual accounts, please pay us a visit. Our personal approach will provide you with greater insight into your company and define focus areas that we can tackle together. Please feel free to get in touch.

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De Jong & Laan en Horlings bundelen krachten

Vroomshoop/Amsterdam, 4 september 2023 – Ook Horlings sluit zich na Marshoek en 5BAR Assurance aan bij accountants- en adviesorganisatie de Jong & Laan. Het Amsterdamse kantoor Horlings levert audit, accountancy en fiscale dienstverlening aan vaak internationaal opererende middelgrote en grote ondernemingen, maar ook aan diverse non-profit organisaties (waaronder onderwijsinstellingen). Met deze nieuwe aansluiting versterkt de Jong & Laan haar controle- en (internationale) fiscale tak. Daarnaast is het een grote stap in de richting van landelijke dekking.