All entrepreneurs have VAT legislation to contend with. You either pay VAT and/or transfer VAT. VAT can sometimes put considerable constraints on liquidities. Our knowledge will help you understand the fiscal and financial risks that this can entail.

VAT gives rise to questions such as:

  • Does a VAT rebate entitlement exist and if so, what proportion of the VAT charges can be requested back?
  • Where and by whom should the VAT be declared and paid?
  • Do you have to be registered for VAT in another EU country if you do business in other EU-countries?
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If, at a later stage, it emerges that too little VAT has been paid or that too much VAT has been claimed back, this will result in additional tax assessments and fines that may reach a high level. On the other hand, the liquidity position can be improved considerably by making optimal use of the opportunities that VAT legislation offers, potentially making the VAT position a particular focus area for your company. In many (and sometimes barely identifiable) cases, VAT is one of the factors that increases the cost price, especially for entrepreneurs and institutions that have a VAT exemption.

Many entrepreneurs find the complexity of VAT regulations a hindrance which requires specialist knowledge. Horlings has a team of VAT specialists that is happy to assist you with all your VAT questions, whether you are a health institution, project development company, commercial enterprise or are engaged in a different type of activity or undertaking.

How can Horlings help?

  • Providing advice in relation to specific property-related VAT (and transfer tax) problems.
  • Carrying out a VAT scan to map out the opportunities and risks within your company quickly.
  • Acting as fiscal representative (restricted or general).
  • Providing support and/or care for return requests.
  • Conducting complaint and appeal procedures.
  • Handling VAT returns/foreign VAT returns.
  • ICP tasks and intrastat reports.
  • Taking care of VAT registration in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Carrying out a fiscal due diligence for VAT.
  • Supervising VAT checks carried out by the Tax and Customs Administration.
  • Providing courses/in-house courses, workshops and presentations in the field of VAT and transfer tax.

VAT is a European tax where affiliated Member States have a certain degree of freedom when it comes to the implementation of regulations. Horlings is affiliated with Nexia International’s international network of consultancies and can therefore be an excellent help to you for your international VAT questions too!

Any questions?

Please contact your Horlings contact person or our VAT specialist Sander Gardebroek [Amsterdam branch: +31 (0)20 5700200]).

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De Jong & Laan en Horlings bundelen krachten

Vroomshoop/Amsterdam, 4 september 2023 – Ook Horlings sluit zich na Marshoek en 5BAR Assurance aan bij accountants- en adviesorganisatie de Jong & Laan. Het Amsterdamse kantoor Horlings levert audit, accountancy en fiscale dienstverlening aan vaak internationaal opererende middelgrote en grote ondernemingen, maar ook aan diverse non-profit organisaties (waaronder onderwijsinstellingen). Met deze nieuwe aansluiting versterkt de Jong & Laan haar controle- en (internationale) fiscale tak. Daarnaast is het een grote stap in de richting van landelijke dekking.