Online tools

Handy tools can be used to manage HR and payroll records online, enabling you to save time and effort and allowing you to view your company’s information 24/7 from wherever you may be.

Personeel en Salaris Online (HR and Salary Online)

Personeel en Salaris Online is a practical and secure tool that gives you direct access to employee details, payroll records and personnel files. You can consult your details online, edit them and view the most up-to-date information about your employees at any time, from wherever you may be.

Information per employee, department or the entire company in an app

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Personeel en Salaris Online can be used for:

  • Requesting and recording leave
  • Current overview of travel costs
  • Recording sickness-related absences
  • Access to employer and employee files such as copies of ID, contracts, appraisals, etc.

All information is clear for each employee, but you are also provided with a greater overview such as the development of labour costs per department or for the entire company.

Employers’ app

Another handy tool is the Employers’ app, which you can use to view and organise all your staff records quickly using your mobile. This could involve approving or rejecting leave requests, agreeing payroll tax, viewing payslips and recording important moments such as birthdays, anniversaries or contracts and past training courses.

Personeel- en Salaris-app (HR and Salary app)

The Personeel- en Salaris-app is a simple online tool for our customers’ employees. It enables employees to view important matters such as salary and personal documents, contracts, employment terms and conditions and the latest annual statements, whenever and wherever they like. With this app, it is also easy for them to request leave and view how much leave they have left.

Want to know more or request a demonstration?

These online applications are useful additions to the regular administrative services we provide. Would you like to save time and eliminate the hassle of paper administration? Well, as a customer of Horlings, you too can use these apps. For further information or a no-obligation demonstration, please feel free to contact us at any time.

All of these practical apps can be downloaded by our customers in the App Store and are suitable for iPhone, Ipod touch and iPad (iOS 5.0 or above).

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De Jong & Laan en Horlings bundelen krachten

Vroomshoop/Amsterdam, 4 september 2023 – Ook Horlings sluit zich na Marshoek en 5BAR Assurance aan bij accountants- en adviesorganisatie de Jong & Laan. Het Amsterdamse kantoor Horlings levert audit, accountancy en fiscale dienstverlening aan vaak internationaal opererende middelgrote en grote ondernemingen, maar ook aan diverse non-profit organisaties (waaronder onderwijsinstellingen). Met deze nieuwe aansluiting versterkt de Jong & Laan haar controle- en (internationale) fiscale tak. Daarnaast is het een grote stap in de richting van landelijke dekking.